Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Would anyone be willing to help?

We were doing all right with paying bills. Then like a lot of other people I was laid off. The unemployment checks just was not the same. This was about the same time a local car plant announced it was shutting down, and any open jobs were quickly snatched up. Besides finding another better paying job, it has been really hard in keeping and paying bills on time. Discover card decided to jack up the interest rate to 29.9% interest. This is making the bill so high we can not possibly pay it and pay other bills.

The other bills are not too bad. We are starting to make a little head way in paying those off, but more bumps in the road keep appearing. My son is complaining of one of his tooth is hurting(it is a baby tooth), but I was taken off the dental insurance. I could not afford the cobra coverage. I truck needs new ball joints put on it, and it is listed as a $900 dollar repair. The list keeps going one.

I am really hating to ask for help, but I just don't know what else to do. Would there be anyone willing to help out with any extra donations. They would be greatly appreciated. We have about $16,000(Those charges have been adding up for awhile).

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  1. The only way I can help is by offering a bit of advice and by sharing my own experience. I too was great with paying my bills and kept on track with my finances for many years. In 2008, I was unexpectedly heading for divorce and lost money on the sale of our home. I moved into an apartment which three months later burnt down. I had insurance but it was barely enough to cover the losses. I lived in a hotel for a bit then finally was able to land another apartment. I thought things were on track once again until I was laid off in June of this year. Similar to your situation, I am unable to afford cobra payments and worker's compensation is not commesurate to my previous salary. As a result, I fell behind in my Discover Card payments. I tried to explain the situation but they were unreceptive; they said they are sending my account to an attorney to obtain a judgement against me. I did offer to make payments but they are not willing to work with a plan I can afford at the moment. The economy is bad an we are all suffering. I am not one to just not pay my bills. However, Discover Card is relentless. My best advice is to keep food on the table, pay attention to medical needs, and let Discover do what they are going to do even if it means lawsuit. It's terrible. All I can say is that you are not alone and it's not your fault. ( BTW - my debt owed to them is 10K..I offered 300 a month but they won't budge..they want more.) I hope their unjust practices soon come to light.