Wednesday, September 30, 2009

will cutting up your credit cards help

Not really. Unless you cancel the account, they will send you another one in a short time. This might help you get your credit card problems under rap too. By not having the cards you could in time get your payments under control. Just make sure the if you have a subscription that charges every month, that you cancel it.

Good look on you journey to getting out of debt. I am also slowly working that way. I still have some outstanding debts that holding me back. And yes I am still looking for a part time job to help get rid of those multitude of small debts.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of the best ways

I know it will be hard, but the best way is to go cold turkey on making any new charges. You may even miss out on some things. But not by charging, you will more quickly get out of debt, and you will be forced to do something you did not want to do. Go get a part time job.

I know this is hard, and you may loose out on a lot of sleep. but that lost sleep would be a lot better than collection agencies, bearing down on you. Go for it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Earning more money.

Awhile ago we purchased a candle shop to help make more money. Now this is making us some money now. What is holding us back is the overhead. If you have any talent in making a craft item I would suggest go for it. If you dont, go get a good book and start learning. I dont really recomment buying a business, unless you can get it for little money. Then you hopefully can get ahead even faster.

Here is our website Come buy for a visit. If you know any candle lovers, send them to our site.

Thank you very much and have a good day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

You sometimes have to live with what you hate.

Not all of us have money put away for emergencies. So the credit card is usefull in getting somethings down.

Now let me explain what an emergency is. When my son emergency surgery was down, I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription. Having high deductible insurance, made the cost go over 190 dollars. Whithout a credit card no prescription would of been possible right at that time. Another emergency is my wheel hub fell apart going down the road. It had to be replaced at that time. Most repair places what payment immediatly. These are what constitutes an emergency.

Just like you have to work with a jerk at work, to bring home a paycheck. Sometimes you need that card in emergencies. Just when you have to use them. Tighten up and pay it off as fast as possible.

Friday, September 18, 2009

more pay

I Just talked to my boss the other night. He is considering taking my pay to the highest level it can be. This would be about a dollar less than when I was laid off. This is alot closer to making payment off some bills.

I still have the need of taking care of the past due bills, and actually eliminating a couple of the bills. For instance the discover bills. Then I might be able to make payments on all the bills.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Identy theft

When you are having problems paying off card, Idendity theft could magnify the problem. I know how easy it is to avoid looking at bills when you can not pay them. I suggest you still moniter them. Just to make sure no unauthorized purchases are put on your cards. This might help you pay off the cards a little sooner.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

credit history?

This is a trapping we seem to get into, for getting a good credit rating. This is probably going to change somewhat, with the new regualtions coming through. I don't know how they are going to change, we are just going to have to follow the news on how this will affect us.

If you do need to have a good credit history to get a better loan, is to try this. Get s0mething you will need. That is something like a freezer or refigerator. By paying this off you will develop a credit history, and you get something you will actually need. Don't get something like a huge plasma television, which would be nice, but a lot less necessary.

By the way, dont cancel the card right away. Part of your score depends on how much credit you have and how well it is paid off. Keep is tucked away, and enjoy something usefull.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to work

I had just been laid off. Then I was offered a night postion on the production line. The pay for the line is better than the day, and hours are pretty well solid for the year. I will be making still $2 an hour less than before, but they get some solid overtime for part of the years. Over all I should still do pretty good. This should help us get onto some payment plans.

Our candle business picked up a pretty good wholesale account. Not enough to get rid of the debt right away, but we can make some pretty good steps in that direction. That is pretty good, because I am adjusting to night shift, and just too tired to look for another job right now. Hopefully I can make the adjustment very quickly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

borrowing from one lender to pay another

Is this even a good idea. I really dont think this is a good idean under any circumstance. This happens when we step over the threshold, by going over our means to pay bills. I know it seems to be a short term fix, but in the long run you are only hurting yourself.

Believe me, I know. This is part of the reason we slipped into a deeper hole. Dont make the same mistake I made. Start looking for extra work, and take care of that bill.