Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just keeping you updated.

Things are still pretty rough. It should not be too longer that I can get the card companies to let me make a payment small enough for me to afford.

I don't like doing it this way, but we only have so much income coming in at this time. Hopefully soon I can get that dollar raise at work. I think I might be good enough for it. Even if I only get the 50 cent raise I would be grateful. With over time I might get rid of some of the small bills.

Have a great day and refuse to give up. If you give up, then there is no hope.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why debt consolidation Loan is a sensible choice

A lot of people are earning less money now than what they used to previously. Inflation rates are at a record high and incessant layoffs are playing an important role in this. No matter what the cause is, plenty of people are searching for solutions to lower their monthly payments. http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/loan.html

Debt consolidation loan is offered by a number of companies and is considered as a reasonable option for consumers to alleviate their debt burden.

Debt consolidation helps consumers in different ways. By consolidating debts, it is simpler for you to pay off your bills. All your unsecured debts arising from departmental store cards, credit cards, medical bills, telephone bills, personal loans and legal bills are combined together so that rather than issuing multiple checks for various amounts, you just need to send one check for an uniform amount every month.


Debt Consolidation Care

Debt Consolidation Loan is attractive for consumers since it typically cuts down the interest rates. The interest rates for unsecured loans are normally higher than secured loans. Secured debts are safe since the creditor is furnished with collateral that would work as a security in case there is a default in payment by the debtor. Examples of secured debt payments are car payments and mortgage payments. Since the debt is secured, the creditor can offer a reduced interest rate as the risk of lending is small.

For the credit card consumers, the monthly minimum payments have lately increased twofold. That, together with exorbitant interest rates that are frequently charged on credit cards, is the reason people look for a fixed rate that is offered by a debt consolidation loan. Thus, they know the amount they are obliged to pay every month, which would remain constant.
Various loan consolidation products are there to assist consumers in saving money every month. Just discuss with your lender about your requirements. Prior to signing the dotted line, you must ensure that you’re dealing with a reliable agency. A good resource to check this out is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The feasibility of debt consolidation in your situation is the first thing that you should assess.

How much should you borrow?

Depending on your income and your monthly expenses, you should take out a mortgage that will enable you to own a home and not prove to be an additional financial burden.

Calculate payments on the basis of loan test

A loan mortgage calculator will also help you to find out how much you have to pay if you apply for a 15-year mortgage as compared to a 30-year mortgage. The loan term affects payments because in case of 15-year loan term, you pay more each month which is in sharp contrast to a 30-year loan term where you pay less every month.

Calculate to find how mortgage interest rate will affect mortgage payments

Although the mortgage Annual Percentage Rate doesn’t affect monthly mortgage payments, the mortgage rate of interest does. FRM will allow you to plan your monthly payments in advance as compared to ARM which will make your mortgage payments differ according to changing rates in the mortgage market. Use a loan mortgage calculator to find out the same.
Once you are done with the finances, start looking around for a house and a reliable mortgage lender keeping in mind your financial limitations. By doing so, chances of defaulting on your mortgage payments are minimized to a great extent.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Things are still pretty rough. We are still just staying above water with a little help. Our Candle business is not doing much on the retail side, which is not too good. The upside that is we had some very good wholesale sales. We also have the prospect of some more great wholesale sales. If they go through, we should be able to catch up very quickly.

I have hope for the future. I do recommend that you search out help, but be willing to work for what ever you get. There is not as much help out there, and there are a lot of leeches out there. By willing to work for it, you will go a lot farther in getting the help you need.

I also know that a lot of people recommond keepinbg all you r credit cards. I would say different. You dont need 10 credit cards to get good credit. I can not tell you how many to have, but get the amount so it is lower.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

not better right now

For the time being we decided to take the Ornaments for Haiti off the website. I had a lot of people say it was a good idea, but no one bought any. That is okay. That was just not something people wanted at this time.

Things for us are still a struggle. We just need to still take care of those discover bills, and we should make it. Nothing is garneshed at this time, but bills are growing like the electric. Hopefully in the next couple of months, we should start to get ahead again. thank You for all the helpful hints I have recieved.

God bless,


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do not forget others

In rough times it is easy just to worry about yourself. Recently we saw the devestation in a country that was already having a really hard time.

I want to do my part in helping out others. That is why I am giving $0.50 for evey ornament I sell on the internet. Come and take a look. http://www.harwoodsstore.net

Thank you very much.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping this country

One of the best ways to help this country is take care of the debt. I know there are seeming easy ways to get out of debt. The sooner you can get out of debt you can get on with your life. If you keep up the cycle of debt, you will end up with nothing at your retirement. Do your best in finishing off debt, and you should not be a burden on others. \

Keep up the good work.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

minimum payments

Try to avoid using this at all costs. The longer it takes to pay off your cards, the longer you will be in agony. Even it it is a few dollars more, It will tail off the debt even faster.

Hopefully this helps you out some. I see some more of my debts going done.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do not stop

I just wanted to encourage others to keep trudging forward. No matter what the creditors will keep going after you for payments. The hospitals seem to be the worst. They have now will be taking us to court for not paying off as faster than we can handle. Hopefully we can pay it off before march comes around. And hopefully all the rest of you can keep paying off bills.