Friday, August 7, 2009

Any ideas

I know all of us enjoy our time off when we are off work. I know that sometime soon my work schedule will have a solid schedule soon. I also know if I want to get the debt paid off sooner, I will need to find some extra work. Me and my wife already sell candles, but with the tough economy, sales will only go so high. I thought of pizza delivery, but our vehicles are still not up to par yet, so that will have to wait for some more time. Does any one have any ideas for legitimate work to do from home? I live about 14 miles from the nearest town(bigger than a church and bar and school), so extra work is harder to find. I don't want to hear about surveys, filling out forms, or ameriplan. I have already seen those, and is contemplating about doing some of those. I can only receive wireless where I live. Thank you for any help. Sorry to those looking for an easy fix, there is none. Just keep working at it and it will get better.

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