Monday, April 26, 2010


Things are still pretty rough. We are still just staying above water with a little help. Our Candle business is not doing much on the retail side, which is not too good. The upside that is we had some very good wholesale sales. We also have the prospect of some more great wholesale sales. If they go through, we should be able to catch up very quickly.

I have hope for the future. I do recommend that you search out help, but be willing to work for what ever you get. There is not as much help out there, and there are a lot of leeches out there. By willing to work for it, you will go a lot farther in getting the help you need.

I also know that a lot of people recommond keepinbg all you r credit cards. I would say different. You dont need 10 credit cards to get good credit. I can not tell you how many to have, but get the amount so it is lower.

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