Sunday, April 24, 2011

been awhile

Never give up. Everyone say the easy way is just to go bankrupt. We are trying to actually pay the debts because, even though there are a lot it is still possible.
I was able to get the collection agency to accept a payment instead of garnishment, because I called soon enough. They even dropped the interest rate to 4% from 29.99% interest.

Now everything hinges on me making extra money. That seems to be happening. The first telephone job did not pay anything, but I gained some valuable experience and confidence. Now I am doing some work for someone that is developing websites and other business adventures. I will be starting now at $10 per hour on his new site. As I get experience the pay should go to $15 or more per hour. I would of never gotten to this point if I had just given up. There is work out there, you just have to keep striving for it.

The work just does not stop there. When these projects grow enough to bring on others. We can partner to develop our own web sites and should make more money.

The journey still will not be easy, but it surely can be done. Stay strong.

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