Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good news

It may take awhile and you can show the numbers. Discover card does have a hardship program. I am now on it with a lot smaller payment. I wont be able to pay it off fast, but at least it will start going down, and it is more possible to make the payments.

Point to consider. You must get a solid job, to show how much you are making. Get a compiled list of all your bills and how much you spend. They might not ask for all of them, but having solid numbers will help it go through faster. Be courteus, and say thank you for there help. I know it is scary, but you do need to talk them once you can make any payment.

I am now on the start, have some more card companies to talk to. Then I can take care of the bad debts, and then move onto those which are not bad debts.

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