Friday, October 9, 2009

just a few thoughts

I am grateful for the work that I have now. I am starting to see more and more people just looking for work. I am still worried about making payments to everyone. Hopefully the credit card companies will give me a hardship payments. This will definitely help me get my finances under control. I am talking to discover credit card on monday. That leaves two more credit cards to talk to. Hopefully they can make a deal that i can afford to pay. I also want to start making payments to those who loaned money to us.

Our small candle business, is also still floating around. Right now it is our best chance to dig out of the whole. We don't have much of a choice, because of some of the expenses with running it. The changes we have made, have made a difference in making money. Stop by in Berlin to see us or check us out. Http://

I am still scared about what is going to happen, but I am not going to blame anyone else. Hopefully it will not take to long for us to dig out.


  1. The credit card companies are vultures. I was watching CNN yesterday. Chase and Wells Fargo are raising their interest rates before the new credit card rules take effect. Luckily, some congressional Democrats are crafting a bill to reign in that practice.

    I also didn't realize that many small business owners are funding their businesses with their credit cards since it's almost impossible to get bank loans nowadays. Good luck to you. Negotiating with them is definitely the way to go.

    Also, I have a friend who is an amazing craft's artist. She lives in Richmond, VA. I don't know if that would interest you or not.

    Lauren (via BlogCatalog)

  2. We cannot blame to the
    Plastic Card companies because one side these are more helpful for the peoples. I think now all those peoples who have their small businesses also depends on credit cards.